Alison Lawson Clinic: life-changing work on dyslexia and vision problems


Reading difficulties? Poor attention? Forgetful?
Poor spelling? Hates writing? Work unfinished?
Low self-esteem? Poor sporting ability?  
Five children in every class have these problems!
Contact the Alison Lawson Clinic for Help!

We are pleased to tell you about the very simple and safe medical treatment for curing Visual Dyslexia.

Examination and treatment are not invasive or troublesome in anyway. At the end of ten one hour treatments in the clinic the child or adult is cured of Dyslexia for life!

No drugs, glasses or coloured lenses are used.

The work in the clinic is supported by simple eye exercises and remedial school work – spelling, learning tables, training visual memory and writing and drawing.

Without this treatment no tutoring in spelling, reading, maths etc. will help the basic problem in the visual cortex of the brain. Sadly people with this problem of dyslexia can never reach their full potential. For normal binocular functions to occur, a person must hold steady bimacula fixation (ie steady central fixation of the macula of each eye) regarding objects at near, mid or far distance. We therefore must first examine the person with dyslexia to determine if there is unsteady fixation of one or other eye, and indeed if the eye are healthy. If this unsteady fixation in one eye is found, then treatment in the Alison Lawson Clinic should be commenced.

The treatment can be completed in two weeks (5 day-5 day, 1 hourly treatments or ten weekly treatments of one hour per day). Once treatment has started it should be continued without interuption. This work is supported by certain home exercises and remedial spelling, reading, maths and writing. At the end of the treatment the person will have steady, central fixation in each eye. The sphincter muscles of the lens will be greatly strengthened in each eye. Finally there will be a higher control of the eyes from the frontal lobe of the brain. Time and usage strengthens this control enabling the treatment to be permanent. All reading and work will become easy and enjoyable and tutoring in various subjects will be very effective.