A letter from Mrs M. Arnott

August 12, 2013

Dear Maria,

I am writing to let you know how happy we are with Cameron’s progress since he was treated at the Alison Lawson Centre in Wyong.

Cameron was experiencing difficulties with his reading.  He had trouble with the pronunciation of words, would omit or substitute words and was well below his reading age.  Cameron had difficulty with spelling and story writing.  Also, his handwriting was unruly and he often wrote letters incorrectly.  In Maths he was not confident with his times tables and had trouble understanding problems, mainly due to his lower reading ability.

My husband and I have found Cameron to be a lot calmer and more confident since his treatment at the Alison Lawson Centre.  We have noticed improvements in Cameron’s handwriting, reading, times tables and ability to retain information.  Cameron’s speech is a lot clearer and his thoughts more organised.  He even said he likes spelling!

Cameron’s teacher has noticed that he is able to work more independently over a longer period and is taking more responsibility for his own learning.  Academically, his teacher said he is producing longer, more organised text.  He is writing more grammatically correct sentences and has marked improvements in spelling and editing skills.  His Maths has improved and he is able to grasp more complicated subjects and retain the information for longer periods of time.

In school sport and PE Cameron has shown increased confidence and an improvement in co-ordination skills.  He wants to be involved in sporting activities at school.

During the time of Cameron attending the Alison Lawson Centre he received two Merit Awards for ‘Improved Handwriting’ from his teacher and at the end of semester, in the middle school assembly, he received a Principal’s Award for ‘Most Improved in PDHPE”.

Cameron’s tennis coach has also noticed improvements with his co-ordination and that Cameron is a lot calmer and more confident.  The coach said recently, in some match play he beat the best child in the group.  This was a first for Cameron!

My husband and I are delighted with the improvements Cameron has made so far and with continued support from home, school and tutoring he will continue to improve.

We are very grateful for the support, encouragement and dedication shown to Cameron during the ten-week program.  The program was highly recommended to us and having experienced a positive outcome, we would not hesitate to recommend it as well.

Once again thank you,

Yours sincerely

Mrs M. Arnott