A letter from Mrs T. Tulley

January 2, 2011

Dear Maria,

Before attending The Alison Lawson Centre, my son Lachlan had been plagued with appalling spelling, appalling reading skills, poor concentration, constant arguments to get him to do homework, unreadable handwriting, constant headaches and lot’s of complaints about going to school unless sport was involved.

I had asked all his teachers from kindergarten up if they felt he had dyslexia as his father and grandfather both did, but was always told that boys could be a little slower and he would catch up.

Finally in January of this year his father and I decided to do some personal research for ourselves and that is when we came upon the website for the Alison Lawson Centre and meeting yourself and starting Lachlan on the program.

Since completing the program, the difference has been astounding.

His handwriting is readable and neat (especially since he is left handed), his spelling has improved 100% and if he has trouble with a word he is much quicker to learn the word, therefore his memory has improved as well.

His reading has come along the most. Everyone comments on it, even his teacher at parent/teacher interviews expressed her delight at how much he has come along, and with this improvement his self confidence has grown so much. I am constantly amazed at how often he reads things aloud now, signs, stickers, posters at the shopping centre etc, even if he has trouble with a word he has learnt to sound it out and 9 out of 10 times he gets it.

He actually wants to read books to me now, he brings them to me and sits down and starts reading.

I would like to thank you very much for what you have done for my son & I would be more than happy to recommend the program to anyone who has a child that is having problems.

Kind regards

Tiffany Tulley