Letter from Allyson (45 years old)

November 17, 2014

I have had incredible changes from the LASD treatment. It has enabled me to experience life with
more ease.

• Increased driving confidence and a reduction in anxiety attacks that would plague me to the
point I was anxious to drive. Now I enjoy going out and about driving, with confidence I can
control and manoeuvre the car.

• Can drive over bridges, especially narrow ones with confidence – and – I can now look in my
side mirror while going over a bridge to check my distance from the white line in the middle of
the road.

• Drive through “round-a-bouts” with confidence and able to steer better. Before I would be
anxious as I felt the car sway and lean which was really a depth perception issue that has
been helped with the treatment.

• Driving movements and reactions are quicker, rather than hesitating and slow to respond.

• Movements relating to recreation activities and practical every day movements. These are
easier, less clumsy and carried out with precision and accuracy. Catching balls has improved
significantly. Dropping things less.

• Less bruises and scrapes from misjudged movements and distance. Previously I would walk
into furniture, objects etc. Body movements are more relaxed, co-ordinated and
flowing together.

• Zumba classes for exercising have improved with better left and right co-ordination learning
new dance moves.

Reduced Body Tension
• Very little headaches, neck and shoulder strain, no more muscles going into spasm.

• Rarely see the chiropractor – saving time and money.

• Before my head wasn’t aligned properly fully facing frontwards, it would veer to one side to
compensate for the lazy eye (amblyopia / strabismus). Tina noticed this affected vision
exercises and showed me how to sit with my head at the right level. What a difference to my vision and ability to do eye exercises! A simple subtle shift made a huge difference.

• Able to thread needles on the sewing machine and for hand sewing without the assistance of
glasses. The improved vision enables me to carry out craft tasks more easily, whereas before
it would take repetition to get a movement right.
• Hand movements with craft activities are consistent. More steady, less clumsy and awkward.
Increased hand to eye co-ordination with all activities for work, recreation, at home and
especially cooking.

• Able to read smaller font without the assistance of glasses. My right eye (lazy eye) strengt
h has improved and I can read small font of 8-10 pt.

• Eyes are stronger, don’t tire as easily as before. I can read for a long time. I don’t need
glasses for computer work. For work I read a lot and use the computer. I don’t need glasses
at the movie theatre. Before, I needed glasses for all of these activities. I now have several
pairs of glasses not being used, collecting dust – and that’s a great thing!

• I have worn glasses twice since the treatment and it was to do close up work –
sewing on a machine at night with not enough natural light. I now cross stitch and hand sew
without glasses. I do card making and scrapbook albums without glasses. My craft friends
have noticed the difference in my ability to use hand and eye co-ordination for fiddly tiny craft
work. My confidence has soared incredibly high and I’m on a roll with craft, attending 1-2
classes a week.

• Some improvement in depth perception and dimensional objects. Not walking into sides of
tables or bumping into things with lack of depth perception. Good bye constant bruises!

Opened My Eyes
Tina is most understanding, connecting and supportive throughout the course of treatment. Without
her understanding and encouragement I would not now have the freedom to experience life
more remarkably. Things I assumed were just my normal are now better. I had not realised how much
I had been compensating for the lack of vision. Not something a child or adult with vision limitations
can easily understand to articulate these challenges to others. Tina literally “opened my eyes” to life,
myself and the world – a great growth experience.

Tina helped me understand and value the dyslexia and vision challenges. I have not had this
commitment and interest from eye specialists and other practitioners relating to my learning
difference and have been to various specialists seeking assistance. She has vast knowledge and
experience and is passionate about helping others gain awareness, insight and understanding. She
has an extensive range of educational resources to help clients, parents and their families understand
the implications of dyslexia and vision challenges and various tools and materials to support learning