Letter from Christopher Sutton – South Australia

March 12, 2001

From my early years in primary school I can remember being sent home from school with reports of being lazy and or inattentive during class. My parents took me to the Adelaide Children’s’ Hospital Psychological evaluation unit where I was studied and tested extensively, physically and mentally, only to hear he is not stupid and we can find nothing wrong with your child, he is very bright. The same problem continued throughout high school.

I studied a Trade where I repeated years of theory with very questionable and marginal passes but high passes to credits with my practical. I encountered extreme difficulty reading not to be proud of it but I have only read one book in my life. Most of the time you scan for key words then try to piece things together.

Handwriting was always an almost unreadable scrawl in a mixture of upper and lower case. When writing on a blank sheet of paper the written lines would go up on an angle to the right and get worse by the time the bottom of the page was reached. If I tried to read, the line would blur or run into the line above, causing you to start to read the line again and would also NOT understand what I read. When hanging out the washing I would have to walk forward with my arm up until the line was touched.
Overall the changes are:

1) Can now read and keep focus on the line
2) Can understand what I read
3) Can print a very legible upper or lower case
4) Can focus with both eyes at varying distances
5) Can write in a straight line across a blank sheet
6) Have gained a perception of depth when filling a glass
7) Vision in the right eye is clearer and more focused


I have no doubt that over the coming weeks and months there will be many more advantages discovered.