Letter from Vanessa (14 years old)

May 12, 2013

Hello Tracey,
How are you? I just thought I would let you know that I got my results for my yearly exam for English today..and guess what I got 72% !! and I am so happy!! I don’t whether it’s the course I did or the new teacher I have got cause she is a lot better than the last and I mean a lot!!! I think it’s a bit of both!! But I can see that course has helped me sooo much thanx to you!!! For half yearly I only got 55% but I think this was partly because of the teacher as well! Cause he didn’t exactly teach us all the stuff!! I think this result is the best rest I have ever got for English!! I have gotten about 60% and 65% roughly but as far as my memory goes back I have not gotten this well!!! I also know my math mark that was for 5.2 math and I used to be 5.1 I got 65%!! I am also VERY pleased with this mark cause I only had all up about 12 weeks to learn all the different topics in 5.2 cause it’s a lot harder than 5.1!! but science was a bit dumb but I can’t be good at everything! I got 51% and for the half yearly I got 47%!! For all the marks I have got so far have been very improving so I am so happy thanx to all your help!!

Thank you very much,
Vanessa xo “