Rosie, mother of Lillian

November 12, 2013

Today marks the end of a very big 10 weeks as my daughter successfully completed the program with Tracey at The Alison Lawson Centre-Blue Mountains!

Before we began my daughter was struggling. She found everything ‘hard’ at school. Headaches, reversing every second number, reversing letters, and losing her place reading. She would come home frustrated with herself getting 2/10 in her spelling test.

Now, after 10 weeks she says she finds school ‘easy’. She hasn’t had headaches & her writing has improved. Although she still reverses numbers occasionally, she has written 1-1000 confidently which was IMPOSSIBLE when we started. Her reading is fluent and she doesn’t lose her place. Her spelling is fantastic and she comes home telling me she got them all right!

I can’t recommend this program enough to anyone with a child (or yourself) that struggles with this stuff. It’s been enormous amount of work but worth every minute.

Thank you Tracey from The Alison Lawson Centre-Blue Mountains for your gentle and caring nature, your patience, passion and clear direction. Xx