We do life-changing work on dyslexia and vision problems.

Looking for a simple, safe, successful and non-invasive treatment? Read on.


About Us

Founded by a highly-qualified & university-trained orthoptist, our world-first non-invasive treatment approach is practiced in 10+ centres in Australia alone. Read about who we are. 

Signs & Symptoms

Learn more about dyslexia, its definition, signs & symptoms, a personal checklist, and the ‘clusters’ of factors which lead to a diagnosis. Check out the signs & symptoms. 


Our patented treatment system is based on over 60 years of experience. We are passionate (and successful!) at helping people reach their full potential. Learn about our treatment approach.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a simple, safe medical treatment for visual dyslexia and learning difficulties; invented by Alison Lawson, a university trained Orthoptist with over 60 years experience in Australia & England.
Lasting results can be obtained in 10 x 1 hour treatments. At the conclusion of treatment the patient has a higher standard of focusing than the average person.
Examination and treatment are not invasive or troublesome in anyway. No drugs, glasses, hypnosis or coloured lenses are used.
The LASD machine has been fully tested by OPSM and has proven to be safe and effective in its use.
The treatment is scientifically based and is supported by 2 clinical trials:
– The orthoptic treatment of dyslexia using the LASD
– Children with low literacy & poor stereoacuity

What Our Clients Say

I have been more than amazed at the improvements in Rebecca’s school work whilst doing the treatment. I think we have set Rebecca’s life on a completely new course that would never have been possible without this treatment.
Mrs Beverley
Tina and I have seen a huge improvement in Joel over the last ten weeks in both his behavior and mainly his school work. He is now the first of our children up and ready for school every morning and not the last. Thank you.
Daryl Grewar


The treatment is available in 10 locations including Australia, NZ and the UK.
View information on our centres, locations and contact details today.

Concerned about your child’s academic progress?

A successful treatment is available in just ten one-hour sessions. Reach out for help today.

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