I continue to be impressed by Maria’s help.

August 30, 2018

Cooper finished his sessions with Maria a few months ago now, I didn’t want the sessions to end because Maria was so fantastic, helpful and caring and Cooper was making such amazing improvements and I continue to be impressed. He has received so many awards at school for improved reading. His school report was fantastic, he puts in a huge amount of effort in all subjects as he now has so much confidence including his soccer skills and I never hear him say he doesn’t want to go to school anymore. He continues to use strategies that Maria has thought him to challenge himself. Before seeing Maria, he struggled to read a sentence, He is now reading chapter books. I’m so proud of him, his teacher is so proud of him and is amazed with the progress he has made since the start of the year. I am so greatful we came across Maria at the Alison Lawson Clinic. I rave about Maria to anyone I speak to that mentions their child is struggling, I don’t know how Cooper would have continued in school with out Maria.