Elisa, mother of Daniel

August 12, 2012

Tracey Heslop treated my son Daniel with the LASD unit and treatment. He complied with the program even though the first couple of weeks it was really difficult for Daniel (aged 9). Daniel had issues with both eyes and needed a couple of extra sessions than normal to correct both eyes. We are so thrilled with the results. Daniel is reading really well now, and the treatment also helped bring him up to speed in a lot of other areas. Daniel doesn’t get tired reading anymore, and rarely makes an error reading aloud.

Daniel is happy that the letters don’t swirl around all over the page and now loves to read! We have continued to see the benefits 12 months on. I would recommend Tracey to anyone, any age. She was so encouraging with Daniel in every achievement.

Reading is a gift and a delight and should be a pleasure. We had looked at other programs, but none of them offered the permanent results that the Alison Lawson Clinic did.