Letter from Elizabeth Van-Lane – Sydney

August 12, 2015

Alison Lawson has treated three of my children – Cameron aged 14, Thomas aged 17 and Gretel aged 19 – for Dyslexia. Each has had trouble throughout their schooling and only recently was given a reason for such difficulties. Such a crippling disability has affected many areas of their lives including school grades and confidence.

Over 10 sessions each of my children were pushed visually and mentally to achieve what was said to be impossible – to be cured of dyslexia. Since their treatment all have shown remarkable improvement academically and in other areas.

Camerons’ grades and reading have improved. He has been promoted from playing back in soccer to a striker due to his improved shooting. Other sports such as ice hockey have also benefited.
Thomas is also now an avid reader and even reads on the way to school. He is now entering his final year of school and is more confident with his schoolwork and has marks to show for it. I used to buy the boys books but now they want to shop for themselves.

Gretel has found her concentration and understanding has improved as she enters into her first year of University. Her reading has also improved in speed and accuracy.

On a personal level, Mrs Lawson treated my children with dignity and helped them regain their self-confidence. All areas affected by dyslexia were dealt with for long-term results. For this, I thank her and highly recommend her treatment to any child or adult with dyslexia.