Katherine, mother of Finn

December 4, 2014

How do you say thank you to someone who has had such a profound impact on our lives? I cannot recommend Tracey highly enough. Her relatability to children is extraordinary as is her love and care. It is obviously she genuinely loves what she does. We were blessed to be referred to Tracey and even though the 2 weeks were perhaps the most intense my 6 year old and I had been though together we did it and not only did we come out the other side, what I have noticed in the past week since completion is a different child. Finn is now embracing his writing (now legible), taking pride n his school work, is impressed he can see the board and for him this week he achieved his first ever merit certificate at school for most improved in reading! We are getting there. And we can see light in the tunnel. The biggest thing for me is seeing my little boy take such pride and satisfaction in his work now which he is enjoying doing rather than the struggle it has previously been. We still have our moments, though they are fewer and less struggle. So blown away and only a week later.

Thank you Tracey!
Xo Katherine